the logistic solution

Tull- och transportlösningar för framtiden


Höganäs Sweden AB

On a daily basis we ship a large number of containers from Sweden to non-European countries and use tls to handle the goods declaration for exportation. Information from our business system is automatically sent to Customs via tls and as soon as they give us clearance we, as well as the harbor, receive feedback and the goods can be sent.

We made a thorough research before starting the cooperation with tls two years ago and are very satisfied with our choice. Previously we hired help for handling the goods declarations for exportation and the fact that we now can handle it ourselves, has meant we can be a great deal more cost-effective. The software is very user-friendly; it only takes a couple of minutes to learn how to do. Moreover, the support is competent and always available when we need it. This year we further develop our cooperation and automate the freight calculations and invoice handling through the tls transport module. This enables an increased potentation, since we now only have to handle invoices with deviations – other invoices are handled by tls.

Höganäs is in the technical forefront of the global iron and steel powder market. Together with our customers we develop tomorrow’s car components, solder products, systems for sustainable energy production and additive manufacturing. Höganäs, founded in 1797, had a turn-over of 761 million euros during 2014 and is owned by Lindéngruppen and Wallenberg’s FAM.

Sonata Johansson

Customer Service Manager, Höganäs Sweden AB

The Absolut Company

We have chosen to handle all customer documentation in one system. The choice fell on tls because we can automate our document flows and allow the system to communicate with both the Swedish Customs as shippers and customers via EDI messages and emails. When Swedish Customs clears our shipments, we see it immediately at the shipping department as documents are printed, which means the driver can take off.

tls is easy to learn and simple to use. The preview is very precise and it gives us great control over documentation. We also have great confidence in the supplier of the system, the logistic solution. They are quick and flexible. Any adjustments to the documents we need to do, they solve right away, often before we have had time to hang up the phone.

The Absolut Company produces one of the leading vodka brands in the world - Absolut Vodka. The company has over 680 employees at the headquarters in Stockholm and the production facility in Åhus. Absolut Vodka is exported to more than 150 markets worldwide and is the fourth best-selling vodka brand in the world. Since 2008 the brand in Pernod Ricard Group.

Mats Eriksson

Director of Customer Service, The Absolut Company

SWEP International AB

At SWEP we are dependent on a stable system that meet our global needs. We use tls transport modules to manage documentation for both domestic and international shipments – freight calculation, freight cost control, Track & Trace and EDI (transport bookings, shipment status, as well as electronic freight invoices). These features are very important to us.

We have worked with tls since 2006 and use the system on a daily basis at our factories in Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Malaysia, China and the United States as well as in our large distribution warehouses around the world. Stability is a strength. We actually have not had a single downtime since we took the system into operation six years ago.

tls is flexible and easy to use. Easy to grasp. It is also cost effective. Since it is a standard system, consultant costs becomes low at Implementation and customization. We are also very pleased with the support. The supplier is responsive and we get fast and competent help when we need it.

SWEP is the world's most effective programs of brazed heat exchangers and related products and services in heat transfer. The company is represented in more than 50 countries and has highly efficient production facilities in Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Malaysia, Slovakia and China.

Gunilla Karlsson

Logistics Manager, SWEP International AB