Approved by Customs Administation

Customs handling in tls is at the forefront. We closely monitor all changes that comes from the Customs Administration. This way, you can always be sure to have the latest regulations available for import, export and transit.

With the EDI and NCTS module you connect tls to the Customs Administration’s TDS system and thus save a lot of money compared to letting the freight forwarders do the job, for example. You also get some administrative relief. Continuous tariff updates are included in the EDI module.

In tls, all available messages for the Customs Administration are available for each module.

It is also possible to run the system as a representative.

Three modules

The export and import functions in tls are divided into three modules, as each company’s needs are different. As the need arises, the system can be supplemented with more modules.

tls Export consists of these modules:

  • Export
  • Export EDI
  • Export NCTS

tls Import consists of these modules:

  • Import
  • Import EDI
  • Import NCTS


The export module contains all the standard documents that do not have to do with the transport itself.

These documents are included:

  • Arab certificate
  • ATR
  • Banking instruction
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Canada Customs Invoice
  • EUR.1
  • Export notification
  • Invoice Ghana
  • Invoice Nigeria
  • Invoice Sierra Leone
  • Marinpolis
  • Ursprungscertifikat

All documents are editable directly on the screen.


By integrating with the Customs Tariff, you know that all taxes, fees and exchange rates are correct at the declaration.


By connecting to the Customs Administration’s TDS system, a lot of money is saved instead of letting the freight forwarders do the job, for example. In addition, some administrative relief can be obtained.

In tls, all available messages for the Customs Administration are available for each module.

tls is a system approved by the Customs Administration regarding the PKI security solution.

"Now we can handle all export declarations ourselves, which is incredibly cost-effective."
Sonata Johansson

Customer Service Manager, Höganäs Sweden AB

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