Simple and effective solutions for customs and transport management

Simplify and gain control
with tls transport solution

Keep track of the company's shipping costs and get a simple solution for customs and transport management, which is constantly updated according to new rules and changes in the world.

Approved by Customs Administration.
Support for all major forwarders.

Several advantages with tls transport solution

  • Adjusted for your needs
  • Easy to integrate
  • Easy to use
  • Fast support
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You are in good company


Now we can handle all export declarations ourselves, which is incredibly cost-effective.

Sonata Johansson

Customer Service Manager, Höganäs Sweden AB


Our needs for adjustments are often solved before we have been able to hang up.

Mats Eriksson

Director of Customer Service, The Absolut Company

Our solutions

Freight control

Take control of your shipping costs and save a lot of money. Do ongoing calculations and get a price for a freight before placing an order. Use together with the shipping system for later reconciliation and use the analysis tool for follow-up.

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tls is for the most part a standard system that offers a very high degree of customization. The system is easy to integrate with the outside world, for example with the company's business system. tls is prepared with several different interfaces that can connect tls with other systems.

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tls has built-in support for all major freight forwarders and has the tools you need to interact with them. The solution is updated as the freight forwarders change or add something to their specifications.

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tls is approved by the Customs Administration and our customs management is at the forefront. We closely monitor any changes that come and you can always be sure to have the latest regulations available for import, export and transit.

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