More efficient transport management with tls

tls is a standard system that is easy to customize. The system can be used manually or automated through integration with the company's business system. tls contains a number of standard documents linked to each module. There is also a tool for creating your own documents according to the company's graphic profile, such as invoices, delivery notes, order confirmations or other documents that supplement the standard documents. With tls you can also take out reports for continuous monitoring of shipping costs.

Manually or automatically

tls can be used for everything from fully manual handling to full automation through integration with the business system the company has. Whether shipments are created manually or through integration with other systems, templates can be used to specify which documents to create, on which printers to print, whether to send by e-mail or EDI, fax or file as pdf files .

tls also contains a tool for designing business-unique documents, external or internal, that can be attached to the templates. This way you get all the documentation needed for a shipment. With tls you can also take out reports for continuous monitoring of shipping costs.

All printable documents can be previewed before printing.

Other documents and reports

In addition to the documents associated with a shipment, other documents can be created using the design tool, such as purchase orders or order confirmations.
The Report tool creates reports for printing, previewing, text file or presentation in Excel.


tls is divided into a number of modules because the needs of customs and transport documentation vary between companies. The system can be supplemented with more modules as the need arises.

tls consists of the following modules:

  • Transport
  • Transport EDI
  • Transport EDI+
  • Export
  • Export EDI
  • Export NCTS
  • Import
  • Import EDI
  • Import NCTS
  • E-post
  • Dangerous goods
  • FreightControl
  • FreightControl Analysis
  • FreightControl Invoice

Standard documents

Each module includes a number of standard documents that are editable directly on the screen.

Approved by Customs Administration.
Support for all major forwarders.

Our solutions

Freight control

Take control of your shipping costs and save a lot of money. Do ongoing calculations and get a price for a freight before placing an order. Use together with the shipping system for later reconciliation and use the analysis tool for follow-up.

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tls is for the most part a standard system that offers a very high degree of customization. The system is easy to integrate with the outside world, for example with the company's business system. tls is prepared with several different interfaces that can connect tls with other systems.

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tls has built-in support for all major freight forwarders and has the tools you need to interact with them. The solution is updated as the freight forwarders change or add something to their specifications.

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tls is approved by the Customs Administration and our customs management is at the forefront. We closely monitor any changes that come and you can always be sure to have the latest regulations available for import, export and transit.

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