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Tull- och transportlösningar för framtiden

About tls

More efficient transport management with tls

With tls you simplify your customs and transport management and keep track of the shipping costs. Furthermore, you get a system which is very stable and easy to use.

tls is a modern and flexible logistics support designed to handle large volumes. The system is modular in order to adapt to the requirements of customs and transport documentation of each individual customer. This means tls can be complemented with modules as new needs arises in the business.

tls is a standardized system, easy to customize. The system can be used manually or automated by integration to a business system. The different modules in tls contain a number of standard documents. There is also a tool to design documents according to corporate graphical guidelines, e.g. invoice, delivery note, order confirmation or other documents to supplement the standard documents. With tls, you can also run reports for continuous monitoring of freight costs.

In order to facilitate information management tls is prepared with different interfaces to connect tls with other systems. XML, Excel, EDIFACT, plain text files, FTP, Web services and MQ Series are examples of other systems tls have built-in support for.

With tls as your logistics support software you can resolve most things yourself. Of course, we offer quick and effective help when you need it. A supplier with many years experience in the industry, fast and secure implementation and support of high availability are some of the benefits that come with tls.

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